7 tips to improve your mental agility

How awake is your brain? It is not enough to work and be attentive to your activities if you want to improve your performance at work do these exercises.

Many would think that being a professional could be one of the most complex and complete activities for our brain: to be attentive to every appointment, to handle high rates of stress, to read all the time about our specialty, to find solutions to big problems, to lead teams to work; Everything seems to indicate that it is so, however, although these activities occupy most of our time, it does not mean that serve to expedite our mind.

The reality is that many of the things we do on a daily basis become mechanical actions and many others go almost unnoticed due to high rates of stress or work pressure, which is why to speed up our brains we must start thinking outside of routine.

The brain is the most complex organ of human anatomy, it depends on all the vital functions of our body and often we neglect it. To do this, we gathered some exercises and activities that will help you to keep you awake and agile for any time of day, just remember that like any new activity, you need time to incorporate them into the routine.

You do not need to go with a specialist or look for complex games to start to awaken that mental ability, according to experts there are activities that can help you putting them into practice every day, you want to know what they are?


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1. Read

Reading is one of the complete activities for our brain, not only enhances the ability to understand and think, but is a good activity to awaken creativity and innovation. However, the recommendation is not to read about your work or some slope of the office, it is best to read something that complements your professional life or something you enjoy just for pleasure.

2. Do you remember the ‘Memoriam as’?

We may already be are a little old to play these board games, however, there are memorabilia made for adults that can help you to make this activity more entertaining. In case you do not want to return to your childhood, experts recommend memorizing numbers, this is a good exercise to strengthen our memory capacity and stimulate the capacities of understanding.

3. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Then use the other hand

If you have ever tried it you will realize that it is one of the most complicated activities you can do, experts recommend to wake up parts of our brain that we do not use constantly.

4. Music as a stimulus for our brain

We are not talking about listening to our favorite music or experiencing relaxation with classical or wind music, experts recommend learning to play a musical instrument. This activity helps stimulate the brain because it requires many connections and boosts your mental capacities. What are you waiting for!

5. Use the dictionary

No kidding, learning a new word every day helps your brain increase your capacity for analysis, memory, and learning. It is also advisable to learn languages, help in the same way and is a great pretext to prepare yourself professionally.

6. Have fun with games

Most video games help the physical and mental coordination and the simultaneous attention to different things. If you are in doubt, which ones can help you? Experts assert that those involving mental and physical dexterity, such as those of action and strategy. There are also mental agility games that you can download on your mobile devices; it’s just a matter of searching.

7. A good diet for memory

Eating healthy can help you in many ways; however, there are foods that stimulate concentration and memory: fish, bitter chocolate, spinach, grapes, nuts, red fruits, avocado, apple, and cinnamon, among others.

There are also other more activities that can help if you spend a few minutes a day, for example:

Monograms: They are puns. These are usually found in circles or other geometric figures composed of letters of the alphabet. You should find the word that follows the black lines. In many cases, they can be two or more words in a single game.

Crosswords: We have all done some; these alphabetical mazes help you to speed up your mind and also to test your vocabulary. There are books dedicated to them and you can get them in any bookstore or try online, you decide. If you want to play some, click on the following link.

Intelligence test or Raven test: They are created by figures or symbols that help measure the generative intelligence or abstract reasoning of people. They consist of finding the law that allows completing the series or logical sequence, as the case may be. In most tests, these questions increase in difficulty.