Stretches: the reasons that ignore and justify their realization

We always hear that it is advisable to stretch the muscles before and after training, however, we fail to give the importance this type of exercises deserve. That is why today we talk about stretching and we show you the reasons you do not know and that will justify its realization.

The unknown reasons why we should perform stretching

We tend to know that the stretches enhance the body after the effort and also, that can help prevent injuries, but in addition to these two good reasons, here are some good reasons, which surely did not know, by which you must stretch your muscles every day:

It favors the muscular growth by improving the arrival of oxygen to the tissues as well as nutrients and in this way, contributes to the anabolism and the adaptation that originates after the stimulus, that is to say, the intense effort for there to be hypertrophy. In addition, it has been proven in a study that stretching can also be a stimulus for the growth of body muscles.

It contributes to a performance by improving muscle flexibility and agility; therefore, it can promote good muscle work and thus, as has been observed in some research, improve muscle performance and athletic performance.

Reduces muscle discomfort such as back or neck pain, very associated with bad postures and the stress we suffer each day. In fact, it has been proven that stretching can be just as effective as yoga to reduce muscle pain.

It helps to reduce stress and anxiety as a study has concluded, improving mood and taking care of the emotional health that in these times, is often affected by so many tensions and problems that lurk daily life.

It favors nighttime rest, not only because it can help reduce tension and pain but also because it has been shown to reduce the incidence of nighttime cramps if stretching is performed before going to bed. In addition, you can relax and reduce stress before going to sleep.

As we can see, stretching can not only be a key to relaxing and prevent injury but also can have a positive impact on the health and fitness of our body.

If you want to stay in shape, stay healthy and vital, doing stretches, even if it’s about five minutes each day, can be of great importance.

How and when to stretch

Not only can we stretch our muscles at the end of a routine in the gym or at the end of our running training, but we can also spend a few minutes in the office stretching our muscles, or in the afternoon at the end of the working day.

As per experts, when the atmosphere is warm and in the evening, before the night, the flexibility is superior and therefore, is ideal times for stretching.

But in addition to remembering stretches and choosing the right moments to do them, it’s important to remember some ** valuable tips to stretch properly **:

There should never be pain, but when performing stretching we should only perceive a muscular tension, a resistance, but the pain can be indicative of injury, which is certainly not a sign of doing a good job.

Do not bounce for a stretch, or do the exercises with push or pull, but the movement must be controlled and the tension must be sustained for about 20 seconds, always performing the exercise smoothly and gradually.

Avoid holding your breath, as this practice does not favor stretching, but obstructs it by hindering muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

Always warm up before stretching, that is, we should not stretch if our muscles are cold, but the idea is to perform stretching after a muscle movement that has irrigated and lubricated muscles or in the middle of a warm environment that produces a similar effect.

Take care of the body posture, since like the exercises of bodybuilding, the stretches possess a suitable technique and an incorrect position may not favor the movement but on the contrary, to hinder it, increasing the risk of injury.

With these tips in mind and the reasons given a few lines back, you now have much more reasons to give it the importance it deserves to the stretches.

Remember that not only stretching your muscles can be useful before and after exercise but also at other times of the day to get all the benefits that it can offer.